The Story

are you ready for change?

You don’t play State-Changer - your brain does. It practices finding and staying in the two states. It practices shifting from one to the other. Finally, it can choose to challenge the State-Changer journey and become itself an Energy Brain.

Reduce stress

Reduce stress levels playing games and teach your brain

Manages states

Control of physical/verbal/emotional impulses, screening distractions, social skills, learning and more

Target audiences

Anyone from young children to the elderly can play

Play everywhere

Portable and it can be played in less than 20 minutes without requiring any clean-up

"State Changers control their minds - not vice-versa!"

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State Changer

Teaching the PFC to idle can reduce stress levels, allow the brain to perform routine tasks with little energy, maintaining a resting/ready state known as the Zone or Peak state. Migraine and other headache sufferers can terminate the stress/migraine cycle naturally on a lasting basis. The game is not only entertaining. It also produces lasting real-world effects.