You can use the StateChanger Device with a computer or with a mobile phone and tablet. However, you will need different applications installed. The Game is for Android only.

Use StateChanger with Computer and USB

First you will need install StateChanger Chrome App into Chrome Browser, you can download the app here. Follow the steps bellow to install.

  1. Download the ZIP folder with app inside here.
  2. On Chrome browser type in address bar: chrome://extensions/
  3. Switch “developer mode” at top right corner
  4. Click “load unpacked” and choose the path to the folder extracted from the ZIP.
  5. On Chrome browser type in address bar: chrome://apps/

Use StateChanger with Android and USB

Will need the OTG cable to connect directly with smartphone or tablet with Android OS.

OTG Cable

Attention with setup permissions. Android App and Game popup a message to user give the permission throw the USB port. Without this explicit user’s permissions apps can’t work.

StateChanger App

Just switch the USB button and start measurement. You can communicate with Sensor throw Input Message field, for example, you can change Wi-fi/BLE with “b” command and click SEND button.