You have two ways to connect to StateChanger’s Wifi.

Since you have powered the device you will be able to see STATECHANGER name in the list of available Wi-fi networks.

Connect to the STATECHANGER network and enter the password 12345678.

Enter the address in the browser. At this point you are able to work with data throw Canva Demo button.

But other apps needs StateChanger device at same network. This is very similar to someone coming to your house and asking for the wifi password to connect. In this case we are allowing the Device to connect with the outside world. So, let’s setup network credentials. Go to Connection Settings button. The SSID is the name of the working network, you need put your network credentials. Click Connect and wait one minute then restart power device.

When you restart the device will come back connected to your network so it will have another address such as Or you can try to access it at http://statechanger.local.